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5 Ways to Boost Your Child's Immune System

5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immune System

Support a Healthy Immune System

There is nothing more heartbreaking than your child being ill. The more protection you can give them, the better! Through a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can help to prevent common sicknesses. 

As an adult, it's easy to tell when you're about to get sick. You know what it means when you have a cough that won't go away or when you wake up with a sore throat.

Children, on the other hand, aren't as good at putting two and two together. They don't know how to tell when their immune system needs a boost, which is why this task falls on you as the parent. You need to know how to boost a child's immune system in order to keep your little one in the best health conditions possible.

This doesn't have to be complicated. Here are a few simple things you can start doing to keep your child strong and healthy.

Learn more about how to boost a child's immune system with these 5 handy tips.

1) Serve Orange Juice with Breakfast

Vitamin C is essential to the immune system, and orange juice comes packed with this powerful nutrient. But, be careful of buying orange juice made from concentrate or with added sugars, look for the least amount of ingredients. This ensures you're able to provide your child with the best possible immune booster, without all the unnecessary additives some juice-makers include.

2) Invest in Children's Vitamins

Vitamin C is a wonderful boost, but this doesn't mean it provides all the vitamins necessary in your young one's diet. In fact, it's hard to serve up all of their daily vitamins without the help of children's supplements, especially if you have a picky eater! You can serve all the fresh fruit and vegetables you want. But, will they eat it? Provide your child with some sort of vitamin gummy or special vitamin shake to ensure they're getting all of their nutrients.

Plus, this can be a fun treat for them! It's a win-win. You get the satisfaction of knowing you've done your part as a parent, and they get a nice little snack to enjoy.

3) Lay Off the Greasy Food and Sugary Snacks

Speaking of snacks, it pays no good to find an immune booster for kids if you're stocking the pantry with greasy food and sugary snacks. Such foods offset the healthy efforts you're trying to make.

This doesn't mean your child can never have ice cream or enjoy a bit of candy from time to time. But, it does mean you should keep these kinds of treats to a minimum. Find healthier alternatives to curb these cravings instead - dried strawberries, grapes, and freshly cut fruit are great alternatives to sugary candy.

4) Make Sure They Drink Lots of Water

Another thing you can do to boost your child's immune system is to encourage them to drink water. This may sound way too easy, but it actually has plenty of benefits.

The body needs water to function. Proper hydration encourages good blood flow, a healthy digestion process, and even better sleep. All of these things combined result in a stronger immune system overall.

5) Exercise Together

Once your little one is old enough to run around and play, start exercising with them. Go for bike rides together or bring them with you when you walk the dog.

Anything you can do to be active, make a habit of it. This allows your children to sweat out any toxins, to build strong muscles, and to get used to an active lifestyle from an early age. It's something they will surely appreciate throughout their lives.

If you're like most of us, you have trouble fitting a healthy diet and activity in your work & care schedule. This is why, if you're having issues with your child's immunity or energy levels, we suggest our supplements with or without L-Theanine. With the right pediatric powder or chewable tablets, you can trust they're getting all the immune support they need.

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