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Can Luteolin Treat Dogs with Cancer?

Can Luteolin Treat Dogs with Cancer?


To fully appreciate the benefits of super-nutrients, we must first understand the problems they fight. Cell growth within our bodies is naturally regulated by a biological process called apoptosis. Apoptosis is like a command for certain cells to die at the right time. One can say they’re pre-programmed to expire and make adequate room for newly generated cells. So why grow when they’re going to die anyway? Look at it like this – before an artist can sculpt any shape, one must first take a whole block of material and chip away at it (formation by subtraction).

When an embryo is still forming in the womb, apoptosis needs to take place for hands to become fingers. If those cells don’t die when and where they’re supposed to, webbed hands may result. This allows our organs to continue functioning normally from our fetus-forming days throughout our adult lives. However, some cells can be defective in that they never destroy themselves and dangerously outlive their life cycle. This leads to an excess presence of defective cells in an area of the body, which we recognize as abnormal cell growth and directly associate this with cancer. Luteolin has been boost apoptosis in multiple studies, thus properly supporting a healthier process of cell life cycles.

Multiple research studies have already shown luteolins’ effects on cancer in living animals. These studies reveal luteolin’s effectiveness in expediting the chemotherapy process of attacking tumors. In other words:

The chemotherapy drug + luteolin = higher tumor apotosis.

What Does it Have to do With Dogs?

Since these tests have been run on various animals and are even being used with humans in other parts of the world, pet owners shouldn’t hesitate to ask their vet about the advantages of luteolin treatment when their dog is diagnosed with cancer. The same possible benefits apply, so why not? In addition to the size reduction, this super-nutrient has been studied to go as far as stalling the very development of cancerous tumors, making them more receptive to chemotherapy applications. Holistic approaches to pet illnesses are more popular now than ever, as wellness advocates celebrate the growing availability of natural products for our beloved pets!

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