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LutiMax | Blog | January 2017 | We Want To Hear From You

Calling All Superfood Lovers!

As you are taking the time to be proactive with your health, we at Lutimax enjoy being proactive with our customers. This New Year, we celebrate the community by thanking you for sharing the gift of wellness with friends & family. Your feedback is priceless as it enables us to ensure quality service. Positive reviews let us know we’re exceeding consumer needs & allow us to celebrate each milestone we pass. We’re better able to create methods to improve our service with the insight you provide.

Whether you’ve enjoyed our original Luteolin Complex or experienced improvement from LutiDerm ProVeracin Cream, we want to know exactly what’s working for you! Surely, those new to the natural wellness lifestyle can appreciate genuine comments on what’s great about the Lutimax line. If you have yet to try us out, even betterNow’s your chance & we cannot wait to hear from you.

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Or leave some love in a comment belowThanks in advance for your feedback. We’re listening.

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3 Comments on “We Want To Hear From YOU”

  1. No response… Ignored my message when I wanted to add more items to my outstanding order.

    Nowhere to track shipment. Order status says “Completed” but I don’t see my order yet.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Sorry we missed your request to add more items. Unfortunately once an order has been placed there is no way to alter the existing order and a new order needs to be started. Please use coupon code SSC20 for 20% off your next order for your troubles.

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