Health Benefits And Cool Facts About Luteolin

Broccoli is a great source of Luteolin

Think herbal medicine and supplements are just an old stereotype of the “Magical Medicine” seller? Think again! There are incredible health benefits of implementing supplements like Luteolin, a plant-based prize-fighter that can boost immune systems riddled with serious illnesses, into your routine. You don’t even have to be seriously ill to benefit from this naturally-occurring substance. Before you pop another pill, read through this article – you’ll be seeing green before you know it. ; )

It’s Already On Your Plate!

Guess what? You may already be consuming Luteolin without knowing it.Don’t worry, that’s a good thing! Several leafy greens we consume just about every day, such as asparagus, broccoli, and peas, contain Luteolin. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can add several pounds of these vegetables to your diet and cure serious illnesses. You need to take it as a supplement to receive the true health benefits because you’d have to eat mounds of broccoli just to get a useful amount of Luteolin!

Luteolin: The Green Superhero!

Forget the Green Lantern.There’s another green superhero that you need in your medicine cabinet, especially if you’re suffering from major illnesses. Research from the University of Missouri notes that Luteolin may actually reduce the growth of breast cancer cells, especially in women who are currently taking hormone replacement therapy. And research performed at the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences at Illinois University shows that Luteolin can contribute to crushing pancreatic cancer, too. In fact, you can probably find a connection to this supplement to almost every cancer that invades our bodies. The University of Kentucky’s research brought out another one: prostate tumor growth (cancer), and how their studies showed suppressed growth in patients who experimented with Luteolin. This research is not some new, trendy fad, either…The University of Kentucky’s paper was published in 2012 and sources on our site go back over 7 years.

What Exactly is a Flavonoid?

Luteolin is part of a group of “saviors” called “flavonoids,” which may make you think of “flavor.” Nope! Flavonoids are plant compounds, but you don’t have to be a strict vegetarian to get their benefit. In fact, you really need it as a supplement for the best benefit. If you were thinking, “Well, I like broccoli, so I’ll just eat more – so much more!” please let us caution you. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. You can actually eat too much broccoli, and this can be devastating for people with several medical issues.Excess broccoli consumption is counter-indicated for people taking blood-thinners, putting them at risk of stroke. Too much broccoli may also lead you to develop kidney stones, a pain no one wants to deal with! Also, you’d have to eat your broccoli totally raw to harness all the benefits it contains, and we all know it tastes much better broiled, baked, or steamed!

Believe us, we think Popeye had it right with his love of spinach. But Popeye wasn’t getting his muscles from all the spinach he ate – he just LOVED the stuff!

Supplementing Your Diet

Even if you are a faithful vegetarian or make it a practice to pile your plate high with greens at most meals, it’s just really not possible to get enough Luteolin as you need. And it’s not safe to try it that way, either. Especially when you’re battling body-devastating illnesses such as Parkinson’s, autism, ALS, or fighting a weak immune system. These illnesses are using everything they have against the body and destroying it from the inside out. We need to concentrate the power of Luteolin to effectively fight those diseases.And that’s where supplements come in.Luteolin (and other supplements found in our proprietary blend of LutiMax) was even quoted in a paper on “Medicine and Supplements for People with Lipedema and Dercum’s Disease,” out of the University of Arizona’s medicine program. It recommended the supplement to contra-indicate activity of mast cells and reduce the urge to itch.

A Note on Pregnancy

Of course, you should always talk to a medical professional before starting any supplement habit! Beginning a course of supplements should be a process you do in partnership with your general doctor. Let your medical team know so that they can monitor you along the way. Women who are pregnant or are pursuing becoming pregnant are cautioned about every supplement, including holistic medicine. Luteolin is no different. Talk to a gynecologist or your health care professional before beginning a course of LU supplementation.

The Building Block

The University of Maryland Medical Center published an account of burdock, a homeopathic remedy used for AIDS, diabetes, and cancer, but also for lesser ailments like sore throats, colds, and eczema. Burdock is a compound, containing everything from fatty oils to tannins to carbohydrates. But guess what else is in Burdock? That’s right! It’s Luteolin.Luteolin is a building block of many dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies.

It’s Gone to the Dogs!

We don’t see a lot of human-canine crossovers when it comes to health supplement suggestions, so we were very interested to hear that Luteolin has been indicated for dogs suffering from cancer. The benefits of the supplement have shown to help reduce canine cancerous tumors, making those growths more receptive to chemotherapy. Of course, because it’s holistic medicine, it’s much more gentle on your pet’s body, too.PS: Don’t worry, feline fanciers! Vets who work with cats have also noticed this supplement’s benefits on their feline patients, so it never hurts to bring it up at your next appointment and as your vet.

Take Your Luteolin to the Max

Whether you’re just starting to explore this supplement or you want to try its application with someone who is really suffering, you’ve come to the right place. Click here and send us a message – you can be as personal and descriptive as you want. It helps us help you. We know this supplement, and we know how to best suggest its use for so many purposes. Let us show you how to take your Luteolin to the max.

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