LutiMaxTM 200mg Luteolin Complex Lozenges

LUTIMAX has the highest concentration of lineolic acid [sublingual]. of any product developed. I was in constant communication with Tom Lahey, developer [deceased a couple of years ago]. He used his personal money to develop this product. There was an TV interview in Los Angeles with ALS patients who were speech impaired. Within 15 minutes, speech was regained. An L.A. firefighter with ALS went to M.D.A. and spoke with Jerry Lewis who said he would accept it for clinical trials. There is no magic bullet. Lutimax helps nourish maintain the brain, henceforth, and improves speech. It is an exceptional aid.Lou Gehrig's Disease Solutions from Florida on 3/1/2016
I have been taking Lutimax now for almost 10 years. I am a physician with a diagnosis of MS – dxed 22 years ago, who has not had any further progression since I started taking Lutimax. There have been no changes in my MRIs and no changes in my symptoms. I stopped taking Lutimax briefly recently and did have trouble with balance and fatigue. I do believe that it has been helpful for me. I support any research into using this supplement more universally for MS and other neurologic conditions.Maria from California on 2/24/2016
Lutimax saved my daughter’s life. My daughter (whom I nicknamed “Sweetness” after Walter Payton) has Cylindrical Spirals, a very rare neuro-muscular disorder similar to Parkinson’s and ALS. As a teenager she complained of pain and stiffness in her legs. We thought it was typical growing pains. When she went away to college the pain increased and eventually she had to come home for us to care for her. At times she couldn’t walk across the street. When she tried, the pain exposed by her facial expressions and restricted gait was obvious. Over several years we took Sweetness to numerous doctors (internists, neurologists, genealogists). No one had a clue. Other doctors were consulted literally around the world searching for an explanation, a diagnosis and treatment. When a doctor at The Mayo Clinic finally produced a diagnosis it was not good. The Cylindrical Spirals would spread throughout her body eventually affecting every muscle in her body, including her heart muscle at which point it would likely kill her, painfully. There was no treatment, no cure. I searched the world over for research studies and treatments for ALS and Parkinson’s as they are somewhat similar. I found little if anything to hang a hope upon. A family friend with ALS told me about Tom Lahey and Lutimax based then in San Clemente, CA which is where we live. Though skeptical, Sweetness and I met with Tom at his office where he spent over an hour explaining how Lutimax works on a chemical basis. Tom assured us that within an hour of taking Lutimax she would be pain free. Really skeptical now, Sweetness took the prescribed dosage then sat back for another Chemistry 101 lecture from Tom. When we finally left Tom’s office she said to me, “Daddy, this is SO weird. It’s working.”. For the first time in years she was pain free. I had searched all over the world and her relief was 1.2 miles from our home. God is Great! Six weeks later Sweetness was snowboarding in the Alps. She spent a semester abroad studying in Spain and tromping all over Europe. She has since run in several marathons. She is now married and leads a very successful professional career. Pain free. I praise God for Tom Lahey and Lutimax. If you require any further elaboration please feel free to contact me.Jim from California 3/24/2016
I totally attribute Lutimax to completely curing my son of his autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis! Doctors just want to treat symptoms, but Lutimax got to the root of the problem. He’s been off Synthroid now for several years and blood work is still showing no signs of it coming back, but the doctors will never give it any credit.Holly from California on 2/24/2016
Wanted to share what’s going on with us & Lutimax. We started on the plain version, pediatric powder, started seeing some good things, but the hyperactivity was OFF the scale. Talked with the people at Lutimax, who were so quick to call me back, and discovered we needed the other Lutimax with the added L-Theanine. They got it out to us in one day. We are trying one daughter on it now, the other we are waiting for a few days to start. So, after the VERY FIRST DOSE we saw a couple of words in our almost completely nonverbal child! Will post more as we see more, good and bad, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!Cindy from Texas on 3/1/2016
My three year old has been on Lutimax for 2 1/2 weeks. We noticed a difference just 4 hours after his first dose! He made eye contact with and spoke to a cousin for the first time. Other improvements we’ve noticed: happier, dancing, playing with sibling, responded to his name, better attention.Bethany from Washington 2/24/2016

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