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How to Save Our Site as a Bookmark on Your Phone

Who needs an app? Save a bookmark!

Save a Bookmark!

A lot of people have been asking about an App for Lutimax™ so we redesigned our site to include a Progressive Web App, which works the same way as an app but is not stored on your phone, taking up precious space. Follow these quick steps to save our site as a bookmark on your phone. It's easy, fast, and once you're done, you can use our site just like an app. Learn more about Progressive Web Apps from Google here.

These are steps for an Android Phone. For more devices and Apple products, go here.

Save Lutimax as a Progressive Web App Step 1

Step 1
Go to our website: on your phone's browser. (This example is with Chrome but the steps are generally the same with Safari and Firefox.) Click on the menu at the top right or left, looks like three little circles on Chrome.

Save Lutimax as a Progressive Web App Step 2

Step 2
On Chrome: Select the "Add to Home Screen" button.

On Firefox, you may have to select "Page" then, "Add Page Shortcut".

Save Lutimax as a Progressive Web App Step 3

Step 3
In Chrome: You can change the name to something else, like "Lutimax" or "My Favorite Store". Or, just leave the name and select "Add".

Save Lutimax as a Progressive Web App Step 4

Step 4
Check to see if it has been added to your phone. It might not show up on the home screen so check all screens (swipe left and right). If you've found it, there’s nothing else for you to do except to place it wherever you'd like. Anytime you need to shop Lutimax, just open up the App!

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